“Feeling Through” Film Collaboration


Getting involved

In September, 2018 ContextGlobal, Inc. got a proposal to support the production of a short film that would be called Feeling Through. As the movie was to be about a DeafBlind man, ContextGlobal, Inc. saw it as an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about struggles Deaf and DeafBlind people go through. So we decided to step up and help to make the movie possible.

The ContextGlobal, Inc. leadership team proposed matching donations and asked employees to donate to the Feeling Through movie project. Our industry-committed employees stepped up by donating what they could. With our help, the project was filmed in NYC in late 2018.

About the movie

Among other supporters, the Hellen-Keller Institute in NYC was another great contributor to the film. The film was written and directed by Doug Roland; and produced by Luis Figueroa and Phil Newsom.

The film focuses on a young man, Tereek, who is trying hard not to reveal his lack of a home. He is desperately looking for a bed for the night, texting friends in hopes that he can crash with them. But just when something comes through, he finds himself helping out Artie, a DeafBlind man waiting for a bus home.

The encounter is anything but straightforward, not only due to their differences in abilities but also their different temperaments and ages. But as Tereek helps Artie navigate a ride home, he learns to see the world through another perspective beyond his own – and broadening his horizons in the process.

Now the movie has been nominated for an Oscar in the Live Action Short film category and we at ContextGlobal, Inc. are so excited for the movie team as well for DeafBlind community! For us and our employees it is an honor to have been able to take part in the effort to make this long over due film that highlights a DeafBlind actor and the community at large.

Oscar nominees for Live Action Short Film, including the Feeling Through film.

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