Professional Conference Services

We offer superior management of conference logistics, accredited interpreters with industry expertise, and high-quality interpretation systems.

Any language, any topic, any time

We have a large and diverse network of interpreters to meet a wide variety of language needs. ​

Planning, organization and experience ​

We have the resources needed to keep your project organized and on track. ​

Providing a Reliable way to Communicate

Ask our experts what you need for flawless communication.

We get the Job Done​

Our expert technicians meet all your needs in a fast, reliable and effective manner.

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Conference Services

How can interpretation make my conference a success?​

We understand how important it is to ensure that communication at your event is always clear, concise, and understood. Our professional interpreters possess the language skill and terminology proficiency necessary to bridge the language gap in various fields and settings, including medical, pharmaceutical, information technology, multilevel marketing, and more.

Let us do the work for you​

We assign you a Conference Project Manager to work with you and ensure that scheduling, labor sourcing, and other logistics are expertly handled. Your Manager will oversee your project from inception to completion, negotiating multiple priorities, technical and nontechnical issues, and a wide range of expectations and uncertainties throughout the duration of your event.​

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Experienced technicians

Our technicians are knowledgeable and experienced in working with multiple interpretation systems. Technicians collaborate with vendors to ensure our systems are compatible with inhouse audiovisual systems, and to lend support throughout your event.

Provide the right system for your audience​

ContextGlobal provides a full range of specialized equipment and technology to facilitate clear communication across languages.

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