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10 years supporting ASL & language interpretation in conferences


With unique tools bridging cloud-based environments in an easy-to-operate system, Google Cloud Services assist large and small corporate clients across the world. Google’s concern for its deaf and hard-of-hearing (DHH) employees and customers led it to choose ContextGlobal to support Google Cloud Summits with American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation.


As an experienced interpretation provider, ContextGlobal has supported language interpretation and ASL in numerous wide-ranging conferences over the past 10 years. Google sought a seamless solution to enable DHH attendees to participate equitably in its summits. These events across the nation are organized carefully by the event planner and the production company. ContextGlobal interfaced with them, provided onsite support staff in addition to interpreters, and guaranteed smooth operation.

ContextGlobal surveyed the site, provided input on interpretation positioning and platform, hired local certified Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf interpreters to minimize travel-related expenses, briefed all interpreters on the background material and presentations, and set up interpreters for success and the DHH community for full participation. Having provided uninterrupted support for all DHH participants, ContextGlobal was tapped to continue delivery of ASL services for Google Cloud Summits.


  • The DHH participants at the Google Cloud Summits were able to participate fully in plenaries, breakout sessions, and networking events.
  • ContextGlobal ensured an on-budget execution and received excellent feedback from the stakeholders on its services.
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