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K-12 Education Interpretation

ASL Classroom Support

Since 2011 ContextGlobal has supported public schools, charter schools and private schools with ASL Interpreters in the classroom, for related services appointments and interpretation support. We ensure meaning full participation with competent interpreters for full compliance with ADA and IDEA at a competitive price point. We work with the team to ensure a perfect fit for the consumer and we have float interpreters ensuring coverage when there are service breakdowns.

Spoken Language Support

Since our founding in 2005 ContextGlobal has supported schools and school systems with interpretations. Right now we provide about 200 hours of education spoken language interpretations per week in many languages and for a verity of schools and school systems. PTC meetings, IEP meetings, Educational, Psychological, Hearing evaluations, mediations and dispute resolution are just a few examples of the types of interpretations we do.

Everything for ASL services in one place

ContextGlobal support several public school system with Deafblind Intervener support. We have certified interveners and aspiring interveners in the certificate program who support Deafblind students in the classroom, adapting and optimizing the class for the Deafblind student ensuring meaningful participation.

Written Document Transaltions

ContextGlobal specializes in technical translations in many fields and we have translated more than 457 IEP documents to-date into many languages. We have worked on more than 4000 projects where we have translated material with the goal of bringing the language to the level so that someone with a 9th grade education can understand the document; it requires both transcreation and adaptation of the language. We currently work in 54 languages in the field of education.

ASL Interpreter tutoring a child in the classroom

K12 Education and ContextGlobal in numbers as of October 2021

  • We have provided more than 120,000 hours of classroom interpretation between spoken language and ASL
  • We have 16 full-time staff interpreters working full-time
  • We have provided 7 Professional Development Days where we invite authorities in the field for seminars and interactive exercises. We normally provide 2 professional development days per year for staff and contractors
American Sign Language teacher in Washington DC

Success Story

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To better serve its deaf and hard-of-hearing learners, DCPS looked to ContextGlobal, which already was providing interpretation and translation services for the District. The ASL escort program has helped to create a more stable, supportive, learning environment for DCPS students.
Interpreter working with child studying.

Success Story

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ContextGlobal’s interpretation services help limited-English-proficient students and their families access the same high-quality education as their peers.

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